Each child has a worth beyond counting and offers a valuable contribution to our lives

Montrose Preschool has been a great experience for our son and has far exceeded my expectations. We enrolled him 10 months ago for kindergarten prep and his self-confidence, focus and writing skills have improved drastically. He has a blast every day and the teachers are constantly coming up with engaging activities to keep learning fun.

Ameri Ramirez

Brain development for school readinessTo meet the needs of your individual child, we follow a developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children [NAEYC] and their philosophy for Early Childhood Education and School Readiness. We are also ramping up to prepare children for the new Common Core standards.

Young children are multi-sensory learners who progress from concrete thinking to abstract ideas. We allow your child’s creativity to grow – while also helping them to develop intellectually.

Our teachers provide opportunities for your child to grow socially, emotionally,physically, and intellectually – as well as morally and spiritually.

Kindergarten readiness is a part of this process as we build the foundation for a love of academic learning. Our focus is on:

  • Problem Solving
  • Language Development
  • Visual/Spatial Learning
  • School Readiness Skills
  • Socialization, Play and Fun
  • Art

See our preschool tuition and schedule page for more information.