Each child has a worth beyond counting and offers a valuable contribution to our lives

All of the teachers in my daughter’s Toddler Classroom are very positive, engaged and seem to really like their jobs. They are kind and reinforcing to the kids.

I like that the number of children in the class is big enough for interaction, but small enough that my child doesn’t get “lost.” The classroom environment has several different activities. I like that the kids sit together to eat and do activities.

Katy Rader

Allowing exploration for early childhood educationPlay and Fun All equipment and materials have been chosen with safety in mind, and in accordance with the developmental needs of all the children based on the principle that play is every child’s primary work.

Our Teachers Our staff is academically prepared and trained in Early Childhood Education and follow the guidelines of The National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Nurturing Care Our home-like environment is conducive to one-on-one teacher/child interaction. We have a low ratio of children to teachers and practice observation and documentation of individual children – which allow teachers to meet the needs of each child. This also supports teacher competency.

Children learn best in an atmosphere where the adults know how to set limits through positive guidance in a loving and nurturing way. Our teachers are all trained in this skill.