The Toddler Option

Montrose Preschool & Infant Care has a new, Developmentally Appropriate, plan for Children 18-30 months – The Toddler Option

Infants and Toddlers are so many times grouped in one developmental group but in fact as Infants grow into the Toddler stage their development changes and we need to respond. Toddlers become much more active. They are now very curious about the environment around them. Providing a more interesting environment with many opportunities that include large and small motor movement, sensory play, language development, creative expression and simple art activities as well as music and movement, story time and dramatic play.

This and much more is included for our Toddlers. Did you know Toddlers participate in science curriculum?

Inside or outside in our grassy yard exploring simple sensory materials such as water play, oats, cornmeal, crushed ice or even gelatin finger paint stimulate thinking and brain development.

Come join the fun at Montrose Preschool & Infant Care

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